Vorheez hits us with some off the cuff heat in the form of No Mullets. He goes in with bars from top to bottom. The song in question is crafted by producer Crown.
Hit the play button and get with the program.

Taking the microphone by force, Problemaddicts emcee Vorheez showcases his lyrical talent with a flow that comes more natural than Poland Springs Water on his single “No Mullets”. The track will be featured on the upcoming Mass Rhymes compilation and can also be heard on Vorheez debut Say Anything. With royal production from producer Crown, Vorheez laces the chanting yet melodic trumpets and strings that create a hip-hop symphony with confident lyrics that make listeners aware of his presence. “Exact opposites, we are not the same,” the chorus of “No Mullets” explains the difference between Vorheez and competition trying to duplicate his craft. “I don’t converse with dream merchants who supplies never meet demand-keep searching”, another line that exposes Vorheez being truly about the Hip Hop culture and chasing after the dream of being the Master of Ceremonies.

Residing in Northampton, Vorheez has toured New England over the years with Hip-Hop legends like Planet Asia and Killah Priest among others, collaborating with artists like Celph Titled, Boston’s Reks, Master Ace and Mr. Green. Just two years ago in 2013, Vorheez co-founded the 413 Battle League with area promoter TD3 to help deliver the sound of Western Mass and New England Hip-Hop to new ears. Since then, the league has gathered more than 250,000 views and recently helped bring world famous battle league “King Of The Dot” to the area for their May 2015 “MASSacre” Event.

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