phredDIAMOND – Once Again

That Jay Dee beat gets me everytime…TIGHT!


“The night we filmed this video was an amazing night, full of drunkenness and foolery. The only way the PDB (phredDIAMOND Boyz) like to make their nights. Much thanks to Knowledgeable ENT for making this video possible ”

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phredDIAMOND (pronounced FRED DIAMOND) is a rare group of 3 cousins with 3 completely different views, personalities and philosophy’s on life hoping to change the world one verse at a time. “PHRED” is an acronym for “people-hardly-remember-everyone-dead”, using the fuel of their lost love ones as inspiration for every song as you can feel the emotions poured out into every verse chorus and hard thumping bass. They were first spotted in the Washington DC area. The group consists of Knox Diamond, Hill Will (rapper/producer) and ManiBoy (rapper/producer). Knox connects with his brain to make stomping witty lyrics while, Hill Will is known for his for his unorthodox breath-taking choruses and ManiBoy is known for his southern dialect and trunk banging bass. They are known as people’s first contact wit pre-classical music. At an undisclosed location on top of a dresser during their first attempt of rapping they became a group. Ever since then they have not been able to stop rapping but it wasn’t until June 4, 2010 they released their first mix tape entitled NOWALATERS. The undertone of the title is that that listeners will either become instant fans now or will become fans later overtime, but either way somehow phredDIAMOND makes it into your speakers. phredDIAMOND represents the DMV area (DC/MD/VA) a place that isn’t noticed in the music scene especially in rap/hip-hop genre, but it has too much life for no one to speak about it. “We make songs about our adventures and discoveries in our area”. Wipe the fries off the seat and get in. The music is designed to put you in a 99’ Crown Vic and take you on a tour of the DMV. “We aren’t here to lecture you down. We are just 3 average brothers with a gift for making music. If you can connect, then come and rock with us.”

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