Is this dope or is the Kid Cudi madness starting to affect me?

I’ve always apreciated originality and the guts it takes to actually do something different from the norm specially in the hiphop environment nowadays.

From the first time I heard Kid Cudi I knew he had this in spades…But even though the promise was great, when the first album dropped last year, it was a big dissapointment at least  in my books…it didn’t have the magic that Kid Cudi was promising all through out, like he was trying a bit too hard to be different…

Just saw this video though, and I have to admit that if the next album sound more like this…then he might be on to something better, maybe something that finally captures that originality…

…or maybe I am just getting caught up in all the hype.

What do you you all think?

KiD CuDi “cudderisback” – Directed by Jason Goldwatch – from DP on Vimeo.

“During a stop in Boston for his latest tour run Kid Cudi and the crew put together a little documentary. Directed by Jason Goldwatch/DECON, the video goes to the tune of Cudi’s latest song “cudderisback”. It’s pure jokes so enjoy and laugh a bit.”


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