I told you about AMiAM’s new mixtape Legend and more specifically the single I Got a Story before my holidays and I am now catching up with what he’s been up to since then. As promised, here is the video he released for the track, which is a very welcome addition to the lyrics and should make you feel really good. 100% about summer, sunshine and fun, the video, directed by CoDrum, is bright, full of energy and simple moments that make life worth living. There is something about this video that simply puts a smile on my face and makes me reminisce over those kind of days where you leave your worries at the door and enjoy quality time with family and friends. As fall is already here, it’s a great way to forget, if only for a moment, that summer is gone for good.

In case you are not familiar with AMiAM and don’t know yet how amazing he is on stage, you can also catch up with this video of an Artist Spotlight dedicated to the Orlando-based MC on REALM.Z.TV.


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