Introducing JazzZ to all of y’all today. From the ever busy streets of Lagos, Nigeria comes this sultry voiced lady who spells her name with an “extra Z”. JazzZ comes packed with immense vocal range and such a soulful voice that it will be hard for one to leave her presence without an impression. It is little wonder why her moniker is JazzZ since she has that jazz element present in her sound. This is the vibe one gets to experience in this video as you watch, particularly because it is an experiment towards the creation of a full body of work. The body of work will be titled “Feline” and the process of this will be very organic according to her:

“An exciting part of a project is the uncertainty of it, trying different and new bits and aligning into a whole is most satisfying as it is beautiful.”

She released her debut last year 2019 called “Yummy Vibes” and this new project in motion should be the follow up. JazzZ is definitely bringing the jazz element to the fore and when meshed with her soulful vocals, you know it is a win for sure.

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