This is a must have for every rotation out on Earth.. A vast array of artists from Germany giving you that music for when you mind state is beyond inebriation… We had posted this up before when you got to preview some snippets… Now it’s finally here.. Over 20 composers, (mostly from Germany) joined together to bring you this 80 minute soundtrack for you underground hip hop pleasure.. Do not succumb to slumber and continue to read on for that download and more information..ghea

The good folks at Radio Juicy (Heidelberg, Germany) brought us this unbelievable 80 minutes cassette tape compilation. The roster, mostly made of German producers, is absolutely delicious. Offering a contemporary view on independent beat-making, bringing Old School and modern spaced out hip hop vibes together. Fear And Loathing In Beats is an ode to that eerie feeling you have when high on music.

-VIA Bandcamp

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