Here at Word is Bond we have a real dope community of hip-hop heads, from contributers to readers; to encourage it the last couple of months we’ve had a messageboard running, a dip of the toe in the ocean of internet foruming, which generated some real interesting posts and discussions. So now’s the perfect time to push it, all you readers of Word is Bond sign up and get involved! It’s real easy, you can connect with your existing Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts (as well as many others, check out the full list here) or sign up as usual. As soon as you do, head over and introduce yourself.

You’ll probably know what you can use it for but I’ll push you anyway. As well as the usual debate on anything from ladies in hip-hop to life philosophies, this is YOUR chance to get involved directly with Word is Bond. Got something you think we’d like to feature? Hit us up with a suggestion. You can post something that you’ve done yourself, take advantage of the community knowledge to see what they like about it and where you could improve, and who knows it could even be featured like BeNeVoLeNcE’s dope EP a couple of months back. And if you write a post good enough, you could get a featured article all to yourself.

So, you got no excuse! Head over to the forums (the tab’s at the top) and get involved.

Peace out.


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