Hi everyone.

Harvey here, founder and editor in chief of The Word Is Bond.

Style of Sound the industry leading publication pinpointing the top 100 most influential Hip-Hop music blogs and music publications in the world. They reached out to tell us that we made the list this year, and are now officially one of the top 100 most influential Hip-Hop sites in the world. We are #61 in the list.

And given the fact that we only publish up and coming acts, the feat is even more impressive.

When we started The Word Is Bond in 2010 the only thing we knew for sure is that we wanted to give love to conscious Hip-hop and upcoming acts. To give our readers something new every day. We also knew that by taking this route it would be difficult to get recognition in this day and age, as most people are drawn to the mainstream and most end up listening to the hype.

5 years on, our readers have come through and we’ve been growing in success from day one. And thankfully our readers old and new keep showing us that there’s plenty of hip-hop heads that still look for that new fresh sound or that dope underground artist doing things different from the norm.

And to you we say, thanks ever so much for sticking with us and being different. As we’ve said over the years, we are here to stay, so as long as you stick with us, we will be here for you.

From the whole The Word Is Bond team, MASSIVE thanks for your readership and support over the years.

We definitely owe this recognition to you all, and we couldn’t be more humble with our achievements

To read the rest of the list, head over To SOS website

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