Memphis based act Tin drops “Lucid Dreams” the lead single  off his debut release Midnight Madness slated for a late May 2017 release.  Tin  tackles the sensitive subject matter of drug dependency on the song. He crafts a story from the perspective of a young woman who is caught up in the her dreams of being a star and the stress that comes along with it.

“Lucid Dreams” reflects on Tin’s struggle with drug dependency, which was a huge inspiration on writing this track. Tin states, “there’s a lot of bad stuff that comes with drug addiction and I wanted to capture that and her recovery after.”

Tin Tenn on Midnight Madness:
Midnight Madness is my journey through my ups and downs as a young man trying to make a life out of my craft. I think a bit of madness is needed for anyone to be successful. Out of all the rappers in this world or artists trying to make it, everyone thinks that it will be them. I think ​ Midnight Madness​ is needed for any one of these people to keep going. Everyone is striving to be the greatest whether they’​re a lawyer, teac​her or a doctor. If you have dreams to become something or someone I think a bit of madness is required for that something to become real.
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