I often say we should not only be inspired by the apparent success of others but rather the various experience encompassing said accomplishments. This is an age old theory we often seem to forget especially in this cut throat music industry.

Chi town’s up and coming mc Tragedy tha beast bears his all on the aptly titled track ‘TTT’ where he passionately exercises his grind mentality  over a gritty hard hitting instrumental produced by September 6th.  The young man delivers a fresh take on this subject matter with a distinct flow and defined narrative. Along for the mission, he recruits vocalists, Lesha collins, Dominique Danielle and rappers Jamal Mar and Veto Vangundy who all contribute immensely to the track.

 ‘TTT’ is off his upcoming project The Manifestation LP, which drops August 27th.

Tune in and get with the program.

Tragedy tha Beast is a 27 year old Chicago MC representing an up and coming music collective called Tha IntaVention. A witty, passionate and lyrical MC, Tragedy’s ultimate goal with his music is to relate all the while producing exceptional product. Infinite rhyme styles, an aggressive tone and lyrical agility make Tragedy’s music unique and definitely worth listening to.

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