It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Chamon – “Courtyard Chess”

Portuguese producer Chamon opens up this edition with his 5th single titled “Courtyard Chess.” The track has a lo-fi and moody vibe with its sparsely arranged synths, dark strings, and textures carefully layered over snapping drums. He also mentioned to us that the beat was inspired by the famous fight scene between Jet Li and Donnie Yen in the movie, Hero.

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Asterisq – “Just a Little Longer”


Asterisq takes us on a nostalgic journey on his new beat “Just a Little Longer.” The beat is ripe with smooth and solemn sequences and mellow drums.
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MxJestiez – “Lament”


MxJestiez’s “Lament” is a moody, solemn beat with soft drums. Not many switch-ups here but it sure has a relaxing mood that you can rock to while doing your chores.
The first song off my debut EP




dawnski – “Midternal”

Production duo dawnski make their entry on our list with their new track “Midternal.” A smooth reflective piece laced with lush keys and sad strings.




JAMMY WEIRDO‘s “SPACED OUT” is a mid-tempo beat ripe with dreamy guitar riffs, ethereal pads, and slapping 808 driven drums.




ADAN – “Truffle Jam”


ADAN showcases his live beat-making prowess on “Truffle Jam.” A beat he made outside the box on his SP404 hardware sampler. He makes use of atmospheric synths, sequences, moody pads, and glitch effects for this one.
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Jack Lane – “Empathy”



Jack Lane‘s new effort “Empathy” is a sax-driven groovy beat that caught our attention. the beat is a collaboration with pianist/producer, Nozart.
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Acr0bat – “LEAF”


Chicago producer, Acr0bat drops new single “LEAF” showcasing a new sound with upbeat slapping drums, swirling synths, and dreamy pads to complete the job.



GaryOAKland – “Guitar & Coffee”


GaryOAKland takes us for a chilled ride on “Guitar & Coffee.” A smooth groovy beat laced with retro elements like warm basslines, boom-bap drums, and dramatic stabs
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Strychnine – “seaside sadness”


Strychnine‘s “seaside sadness” is as solemn as they come. Well crafted with lush textures and moody pads. It’s very relaxing from start to finish.
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NT Beats – “Oblivion”

NT Beats makes his way into the list with “Oblivion” a dark hard-hitting beat that rappers can rock to.

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Stormtuned – “Get on Your Feet”

Stormtuned‘s “Get On Your Feet” is a dance/pop song with a lead saxophone that drives it. It has a nice fusion of percussions and a steady bassline to match as well.
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piccoloblack – “Drowning”

Piccoloblack ‘s new beat “Drowning” is very eclectic and somewhat offbeat. From the weird sound design, transitions, and solemn cinematic textures, the producer sure brings something new to the table.
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DCS Lefty x Sam Cross – “Facade”


DCS Lefty and Sam Cross bring that classic nostalgia-inducing vibe to the list with their solid collaboration titled “Facade.” From cinematic pads, lush keys, and smooth drums, the duo hit the mark on this one.
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11 Acorn Lane – “Coconut Cove”


“Coconut Cove” by 11 Acorn Lane is a feel-good, breezy, jazzy lofi hip hop record with bossa nova and samba sensibilities. There is so much to unpack here but for the most part, it is a very uplifting piece.
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The Twilite Tone – “Do It Properly”


The Twilite Tone shares the visuals for “Do It Properly” directed by Christine Ciszczon. the video follows Tone through different scenes ranging from being home with his family to dancing through locations in Chicago that have played a pivotal role throughout his life, using movement as “a way to let go not only emotionally but also physically of both traumas and triumphs.” The track is taken from his debut album The Clearing, out now on Stones Throw.
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Roman Deuz – “Ooh La La”


Russian music producer Roman Deuz closes the list with this brilliant and energetic beat he calls “Ooh La La.” The track is a fusion of bb-boy break music, trap, and grime. Laced with hilarious vocal samples, lush xylophones, and more, the producer brings a whole new meaning to dynamism on this track.
“Ooh La La” is the first release on his new label and was originally written for a promo video of a St. Petersburg-based football team “Zenit”. After the video’s success and many requests about the song, he decided to release it as a single. Get it on Soundcloud.

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