We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – “They Didn’t Say”

Kyle Quentin & The Kyles open up this week’s list with “They Didn’t Say”. A mellow chillhop tune made up of sombre pads, cello strings and jazz-infused progressions laced over a chilled drum groove.



macj – “au revoir”

macj bids us “au revoir” in his latest effort. The track sure plays into its heartfelt title and has a solemn and soul-stirring aesthetic. The layering of choral vocals and sad strings over soft boombap drums works perfectly



Essam Sami – “Oneirataxia”

Essam Sami gives us some joy with “Oneirataxia”, a smooth guitar-driven afrobeat-infused track. The production is bouncy, the percussions are lively and the guitar arrangement is layered and lush.




picture talk, ziound – “Refuge”

picture talk, ziound share their new single “Refuge”, a soul-gripping piece that has lush strings, a rich guitar arrangement that is multi-layered and an overall summer-tinged vibe.



moon.walken – “maybe you’re lonely too”

British producer moon.walken thrills our ears with this sublime piece titled “maybe you’re lonely too”. The solemn melodic textures, airy guitar plucks and soft dreamy pads all add into a blissful record that is both nostalgic and melancholic


Audio Dope – “Blind”

Audio Dope drops this soul-stirring piece titled “Blind” on this week’s playlist. The production is dynamic and is ripe with lush guitar plucks, warm and pulsating basslines, and soulful pads with a rumbling drum break to boot. The chorus is also peppered with a subtle vocal melody as well and one might miss it if you don’t pay attention.


Yabu Beats – “Right on time”


Yabu Beats got us “Right on time” with this punchy boom-bap track made up of jazz-infused bass riffs, moody textures and an audio clip from a 70s flick.



Walt Dolla – “Chene & Lafeyette”

Walt Dolla‘s “Chene & Lafeyette” is a jazz/soul-infused beat that reminds me of 80s sitcoms. It’s warm and nostalgic and soul-stirring from start to finish.


Hak Black – “Hey, Naja”

Hak Black ramps up the vibe on the playlist with “Hey, Naja”, a smooth guitar-driven bop that has elements of pop, soul and a dash of funk. The progression is engaging and the layered arrangement sure is rousing.




Hero Dog – “eyemssu”

Emerging producer Hero Dog caught us with his new effort titled “eyemssu”. The rousing track is laced with vibrant drum grooves and a solemn low-tone synth. This is peppered with soft nostalgia-inducing bell synths and warm textures. It is quite short but gets the job done.



vimef x Neology x Copacetik – “In Harmony With Nature”

vimef, Neology and Copacetik got in the studio to create this blissful tune titled “In Harmony With Nature”. As the title suggests, it’s a blend of sounds of nature with airy atmospheric strings and moody pads that slowly build into a soul-stirring cinematic soundscape that aims to calm the spirits.


Coujo – “XXVI


Coujo brings some off-kilter cinematic sounds to our ears with his newest release titled “XXVI”. The track is gloomy, eerie and the thick 808 bass-driven drums match perfectly with the moody piano riffs and synths.



$tonehardt x Cornerian Flight Academy – “Waiting For Your Love”.

$tonehardt teams up with the Cornerian Flight Academy for this solemn and reflective piece titled “Waiting For Your Love”. The drums are punchy and spaced out well enough for the airy synths, pulsating basslines and layered sounds ranging from crisp keys and sublime vocal chops.


Groove. – “DailyRoutinely”

Groove. brings back that eclectic vibe of jazz/lofi and boombap in his new release titled “DailyRoutinely”. The arrangement is dynamic and the use of simple progressions makes it smooth and alluring from top to bottom.



Rainfly – “Through the Trees”

Rainfly takes us “Through the Trees” on an aural journey. Over mellow drum grooves, he lifts our souls with solemn guitar phrases, airy synth plucks and layered textures.


Nick Wolf x Vannorte – “Surrender”

Nick Wolf and Vannorte sure hit the mark with “Surrender” and once we played it, it was a must to share it. The track has a psychedelic and melancholic aesthetic but it’s also reflective.


NumNums x Berezy – “Twinkle”


Canadian producers NumNums and Berezy team up for this soul-stirring collaboration they call “Twinkle”. This track has a moody and icy feel with its lilting strings, pads and rich guitar plucks that pepper the drum groove.


Distant.Face – “Toshka”


Distant.Face makes his first entry on our list with “Toshka”, a dreamy and ethereal-sounding beat that sounds like it’s from a scene of a romantic-drama series. The layered pads, piano licks and synths do complement each other and the soft drums also give it some oomph.


Bmbu – “dokkodo”


Bmbu never disappoints and gifts us with another solid joint in the form of this new release titled “dokkodo”. It’s quite solemn and makes use of ebb and flows to keep the momentum fluctuating. The soft drums and airy textures do work together.



Mr. Freed – “Dim The Light”


Austrian producer Mr. Freed uplifts our ears and souls with “Dim The Light”, a chilled neo-soul/jazz/lofi-infused track that singers can belt radiant melodic runs and rappers alike can deliver some heartfelt bars over.


Dymas – “gloomy sunset”


Dymas‘ “gloomy sunset” is an apt title instrumental that is made up of moody acoustic guitar licks, lush pads and xylophone-type plucks. It’s perfect for a sublime study playlist.


Potlatch – “Palm Reflection”


“Palm Reflection” by Potlatch is a soothing guitar-laden beat that exudes sublime summer evening vibes. The progression is quite subtle as complementary guitar plucks and licks play off each other over the sparse drum groove.


Pokesh – “Quiet Evening”


Armenian producer Pokesh shows us what a “Quiet Evening” feels like with this new release. The track has a sorrowful and reflective vibe that touches the soul and makes one sit back and reminisce on the past.



Rusticdoodles – “Mellow Shores”

Indonesian producer Rusticdoodles gifts us with a solemn and relaxing tune titled “Mellow Shores”. The track is sentimental to the core with its rich piano progression, warm textures and soft drums.

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