We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Vicstradamus – “Forgotten Light”


Vicstradamus opens up the list with “Forgotten Light.” This is an ominous piece that is made up of somber strings, a weird vocal-like sound design that lay in the background, and soft drums are used to keep the groove steady.

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e.kwality x dustluv – “Waves”

e.kwality and dustluv caught our ears with “Waves” which showcases the duo’s knack for crafting soul gripping and nostalgia-inducing pieces. From the somber and moody textures, lush guitar-like riffs, and warm aesthetics.



$tonehardt x Scott Swush x PLFG – “Abyss”

$tonehardt , Scott Swush, and PLFG take us into the “Abyss” in their new release. The beat is as dark as tey come and is ripe with reversed sound design elements with cryptic textures and a sparse drum groove to match. The instrumental is taken from the $tonehardt Must Die beat tape series (informally known as $MD). These tapes are released once every October, in time for Halloween.

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dogfuck – “Numero V”


Rising producer dogfuck shares his new release titled “Numero V,” a mellow somber beat ripe with thick pulsating bass lines, while bells and melancholic keys.




Sojourn – “Sunlight”


Sojourn returns to our playlist with this sublime piece titled “Sunlight.” A mid-tempo track that is ripe with warm basslines, nostalgic textures, and a head-nodding drum groove to match.

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Coujo – “glassin'”

Coujo raise the ante with his new effort titled “glassin'” which is a heavy trap banger ripe with west coast synths, pitched-down vocals, and cinematic textures.





Claustrophile – “Lazy Munich”

Claustrophile‘s “Lazy Munich” is a relaxing tune that blends jazz, lofi and soulful elements. The feel-good track is sublime and has an uplifting vibe with lush horns, bright keys, and an undeniable drum groove.

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Crafty 893 – “X”


Crafty 893  is at it again and he drops something new titled “X.” The bass-heavy hard-hitting bat is peppered with some piano chords, an off-beat vocal sample, and dark strings to match.

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Wave6 – “Rage”

Wave6 makes his debut entry on our list with his instrumental titled  “Rage.” The production is a mixed bag that takes elements from trap, downtempo and electronic styles. The drums are pretty vibrant and punchy and the lush synths give off a futuristic vibe.

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Johnboybeats & Plon B. – “Wake”


Johnboybeats and Plon B.  are here to “Wake” us up with their new release. The chilled beat is ripe with a pulsating bass, gripping guitar riffs, airy vocal snippets, and a soft drum groove to complete the mission.

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Coujo – “the need”

Coujo drops the new beat “the need” on our list and it’s only right to share it. The production is somewhat offbeat and moody. The production is built on somber strings, lush guitar riffs and a pitched down vocal sample that runs through it. Interesting piece and well crafted as well.





FRANZ – “Yours”


FRANZ  got something new this week with the release of his new track titled “Yours.”  He makes use of a combined sublime texture of airy vocal runs, horns and warm bassline and the result is a beautiful soundscape that takes listeners back in time.





FrickMadeIt – “Conclusion”

FrickMadeIt – “Conclusion”

This track is a unique sounding smooth and chill LoFi track. I was experimental in creating this track and wanted to give the listener a whole experience. This is the last track off my latest lofi EP.


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Funky Notes – “Beautiful”


Funky Notes’s “Beautiful” is a jazz-infused lofi jam that exudes nostalgic feelings with a soulful touch. There is so much to unwrap on this one.



Eu93ne – “Pike”

Swiss-based music producer and instrumentalist Eu93ne thrills us with his new release titled “Pike.” He makes use of soft horns, mellow drum grooves, and lush guitar riffs to bring this to life.

As a dedicated bassist with a great passion for funk, jazz & soul music, Eu93ne is about to release instrumental productions (Jazzhop/Chillhop/LoFi) on a regular basis.




BEATSTRUMENTALZ shares “BAE” on our playlist and it’s an experimental piece ripe with soft drums, airy textures, and ethereal vocal samples.

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KristianK – “FRSH”

KristianK’s “FRSH” is a chord-driven piece that slowly builds and keeps one’s attention from the jump. The drums are somewhat punchy and keep a steady groove for the airy vocal samples and chords to seive through.

FREE DOWNLOAD link here.



yerba mates – “Bianco”

yerba mates thrill us with the funk-laden soulful cut titled “Bianco” on this week’s playlist. The piece is a chilled, relaxing blend of layered synths, warm funky basslines and lush chords to complete the job



SoBe – “archives”

SoBes “archives” is an interesting piece. The arrangement is sparse, dynamic, and atmospheric in style. The guitar licks are spaced out and the ethereal synths seamlessly pepper the warm basslines.
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PĒPL – “…transforming”

PĒPL shares a new single “…transforming” which is ripe with moody and solemn textures and a punchy drum groove. The way he arranged it is quite glitchy and different from the norm.

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PETE – “Scammers”


Chicago producer PETE makes his entry on our list with “Scammers,” the beat is somewhat off-kilter with its staggering drums, weird sound design, and ethereal textures as well. It is quite dynamic.




Damien Sebe – “equinox”



Damien Sebe‘s “equinox” is a mellow and reflective track that exudes some lofi sensibilities as well. The slow build-up and atmospheric elements do shine through and make it quite dynamic than ever.




Lone.Wolf – “Homesick”

Lone.Wolf gives us some minimal lofi vibes in his new release entitled “Homesick.” He delivers a stripped-down, somber beat ripe with solemn keys, warm textures, and drums to complete the job.




kBeats x chilled cat – “A sprinkle of magic”


kBeats and Chilled Cat give us “A sprinkle of magic” on their newest effort. From the solemn strings, moody textures, and soft tones, the track really takes listeners into tat soothing and comforting place.




Vicstradamus – “Water Temple”

Vicstradamus never disappoints and once again he delivers the goods with his new bat titled “Water Temple.” The arrangement has a trippy and nostalgic feel and the use of seamless transitions sure makes it dynamic.

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Boom-Gap! – “Grand Finale (I Can Feel It)”

Polish producer Boom-Gap! thrills us with his new effort titled “Grand Finale (I Can Feel It).” The dynamic beat is built on atmospheric textures and chords that switch into an ethereal guitar section in the middle. It’s super dope from start to finish.

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Damien Sebe – “perfect day”

“perfect day” by Damien Sebe is a summery and soulful jam that exudes reflective and soothing vibes. The guitar arrangement is solid and the warm textures are well crafted and soothing.

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Mehdi Sefid – “Eternal Liberation”


Mehdi Sefid closes out this week’s list with “Eternal Liberation” a mellow and sobering track ripe with lush and cinematic textures and punchy drum grooves.

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