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 Chill Select & Big O – “Shipping (Out)”

Hardworking producer Big O and prestigious label Chill Select team up for this brilliant piece titled “Shipping (Out)”. The laidback chill track is made up of soft pads, sublime atmospheric textures with soft drum grooves and an overarching reflective aesthetic to match. This is the lead single from Big O’s upcoming EP Reflections of HE with Chill Select.



Billy Hoyle – “Rumble Seat Road Rage”


Indie producer Billy Hoyle brings this cinematic piece titled “Rumble Seat Road Rage” to the fore. The epic-sounding tune is ripe with scenic stabs, triumphant horns and moody strings that sound like a 70s action flick. The title is a reference to his own childhood when he would get angry when kids make fun of him and he would sit in the rear-facing seat in his grandparent’s station wagon and shoot finger guns at the cars moving behind. It’s quite picturesque and nostalgic. “Rumble Seat Road Rage” is a record from his most recent instrumental album From The Soil.v2.




Copywrite – “Joy to the World” (Instrumental)


Veteran rapper/producer Copywrite brings “Joy to the World” (Instrumental) in his new effort. The production has a moody and nostalgic feel and the use of obscure melodic vocal samples, punchy drums and other snippets sure makes it eerie and engaging from start to finish. This is the first single off Copywrite’s new instrumental album Ya Garbage Kid.





Tony McKopfnick – “Gangster”

Veteran German producer Tony McKopfnick unveils the perfect street soundtrack titled “Gangster”. The menacing track is built on sombre piano riffs, moody pads and dark synths layered over punchy drums and scenic sound design.






Bmbu – “dolo”.

Bmbu is heading for “dolo” in his latest release. The multi-genre instrumental takes elements from jazz, soul, chill-hop and lofi as he pairs lush horns with dusty moody piano riffs and soft crunchy drum grooves. The way the track ebbs and flows is interesting too and takes listeners on a journey.


Cam Edmonds – “Trap Blues”.

Cam Edmonds makes a solid entry on our list with “Trap Blues”. The aptly titled track is fitted with cinematic synths and arpeggios that blend perfectly with warm and thumping basslines and drums. The track slowly builds up with additional guitar plucks, soothing vocals and rousing trap drums.





Gus La Tempête – “L’abeille et l’araignée du soir”.

Gus La Tempête gives us the tale of “L’abeille et l’araignée du soir” which means the bee and the evening spider in English. The solemn and reflective tune is ripe with dreamy textures, soulful piano riffs and improv progressions over a steady head-nodding drum groove. This is taken from his album, The speechless story of Maïa. Storytelling beats called: ∆Ï∆M.




Cam Edmonds – “Fell Hard”


Cam Edmonds raises the audio bar with this epic beat titled “Fell Hard”, a hard-hitting dark trap track ripe with icy synths, moody sound design, a sizzling guitar solo and a soul-stirring vocalized hook.



Injijo – “water stream”

Injijo‘s entry on our playlist is titled “water stream” and it’s a calming piece that takes elements of jazz, indie, chill-hop and futuristic vibes. The result is an atmospheric and nostalgia-inducing piece that is perfect for any study playlist.



Pete Mac – “Love”

Pete Mac got some “Love” in his new release. The track is chilled, and soulful and exudes a lot of nostalgia. The arrangement is seamless and serves as a perfect addition to everyone’s summer playlist. It’s taken from his 3-track tape called Desert Road.

AVerma – “I’m Gonna Be A Farmer”.

AVerma thrills us with “I’m Gonna Be A Farmer”, an epic soulful jam ripe with punchy drums, excellent vocal sampling and soul-stirring piano progressions.

Noetika – “Healthy Groove”.

Noetika sure grabs our attention with “Healthy Groove”, a slick cinematic head-nodding jam ripe with warm pads, sizzling synths, solid sound design and dynamic drum grooves to boot. The track is part of an album he made called Ease Your Mind Pt. 1.

Shomari – “Brink”

Shomari brings something different to the playlist with his new release titled “Brink”. The track is dark, eerie and cinematic. The vocal synths, strings and rumbling drum breaks all merge seamlessly to form an ear-grabbing track.

Distant.Face -“Memories”.

Distant.Face comes through with “Memories”, a mellow and melancholic tune of soft piano licks, airy moody vocal samples and cinematic pads.

Johnnie Lee – “Manhattan”

Johnnie Lee’s “Manhattan” has a distinct reflective feel that is reminiscent of the end scene of a throwback movie from the 80s. The slow guitar progressions, sublime textures and overall soulful aesthetic add up to create such an engulfing ambient.

Cloud break x Full Skies – “Nimbus”

Cloud break and Full Skies team up for “Nimbus”. The track is a brooding and soul-stirring beat that slowly builds up with its atmospheric pads and crisp mellow guitar plucks.

L O F I L U V x Starburst Records – “Dreamer”

L O F I L U V and Starburst Records give us “Dreamer”, an ethereal piece made up of airy choral vocals, soulful piano movements with soft drums and airy textures to boot. As the title says, it’s blissful and exudes a dreamlike feeling as you listen to it.

s’moore – “Distant Memories”.

“Distant Memories” is a chilled lofi guitar-driven beat by s’moore who makes a solid entry on our list. The guitar riffs do take precedence and he complements it with some sublime piano accompaniment with subtle bells to match.

Damien Sebe – “magic feeling”.

Damien Sebe sure gives us a “magic feeling” with his latest effort. The mellow summer-tinged track is slick and lush and alluring from start to finish.

Tah. – “Yacht Club”

Tah. got something brilliant going on in his “Yacht Club”. The head-nodding tune comprises a moody synth bassline, special aural effects and soulful textures over sparsely arranged drums. Perfectly done and well crafted.

harukanaroo – “Cherry”

harukanaroo sure lifts the spirits with this heartwarming record titled Cherry”. The piano movement is soulful and the moody strings play a counterbalance to the crisp guitar licks that come in after.

BaoBao – “Light Trail”


BaoBao‘s “Light Trail” is a chilled nostalgia-induced tune that takes us back to warmer times. The mellow strings, and soulful guitar and piano progressions sure match each other and give listeners a soul-stirring vibe that they can rock with.

Frxnco – “Pulse of the Machine”

Frxnco gives us the “Pulse of the Machine” in this new release. The sobering and blissful tune is ripe with solemn piano riffs, lush guitar plucks and warm pads.

miksy – “4U”


miksy closes out our weekly playlist with 4U”., the first track from his latest project Bloodloops II. The laidback tune samples a classic soul record and blends it with soft drum grooves, excellent vocal chops and the grunt sound from Street Fighter II turbo. The result is a blissful and soulful track that is perfect for rappers like Fly Anakin or even the late DOOM.

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