We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Stereo Fear – “Faded”

Stereo Fear‘s “Faded” is a mellow bouncy tune built on groovy basslines, subtle horns, and a head-nodding drum groove. I like the slight effects and vocal chops as well.



Vicstradamus – “Train of Thought”

Vicstradamus shares the new release “Train of Thought” and it’s a somber, ominous piece made up of trippy textures, sublime sound design, and sparse drums to boot.



Saiko – “everyday”


Saiko and Mr. Joe Sunrise team up for “everyday,” a chilled uplifting tune that blends soulful elements with hip-hop sensibilities. From the lush guitar riffs, soothing basslines, and punchy drums, the duo delivers the goods.





KAMi – “Bulls And Bears”

KAMi goes for an experimental sound on “Bulls And Bears” which blends lofi, soul with trip-hop sensibilities.



Damien Sebe – “kindred spirits”


Damien Sebe delivers something refreshing titled “kindred spirits” on our list. As the title suggests, the beat is quite alluring and has a hopeful aura about it.



Sharkidd – “Mason Margiela”

Sharkidd‘s new release “Mason Margiela” is a laidback piano-driven but punchy trap beat. It’s not over-produced and makes use of soft musical elements that complement each other.




Living Room & Adrian Planitz – “Birds of Canada”


German producers Living Room and Adrian Planitz share their new collaboration titled “Birds of Canada” on our list. The future jazz beat is ripe with lush keys, crisp horns and a smooth drum groove to complete the mission.


Ogi feel the Beat – “True Ti the Game”

Ogi feel the Beat never misses and he deliver this new beat “True Ti the Game” for our listening pleasure. The boom-bap drum-laden beat hits hard and is ripe with dark ominous textures. It’s taken from his new EP Symbiosis.



Jonny Rythmns – “Hit Hard Get Loose”

Jonny Rythmns brings us “Hit Hard Get Loose” and it’s quite engaging. The use of cinematic and pulsating synths, sparse and punchy drums, all layered together is splendid.


Bastelbande x TREE60 – “Soul Transponder”

German producer Bastelbande and Italian producer TREE60 team up for “Soul Transponder.” A chilled guitar lick-driven beat packed with smooth bouncy drums and vocal chops to match. This is the first single from the duo’s 4 track EP Transmission FM.







Hewie Lou – “Love”

Winnipeg, Canada producer Hewie Lou is out to spread “Love” with his new release. The mid-tempo jam has a smooth horn stab, vocal samples, and punchy drums to match.


3League – “Beyond, Beyond.”

3League makes his entry on our list with “Beyond, Beyond.,” a somber and atmospheric piece that exudes a dreamy vibe.


Lnoer – “Film Noir”

Finnish producer Lnoer delivers another solid one in the form of this single titled “Film Noir.” As the title suggests, it makes use of cinematic textures laced with moody keys, warm basslines, and hushed vocals layered perfectly over the soft drum grooves.




H808Beats – “New Life”


H808Beats brings something vibrant to the list with his beat titled “New Life.” This is a heavy synth-driven tune ripe with crunchy drums, silky synths, vocal samples, and thick 808s.


Dday One – “Moments Avec Toi”


LA-based producer Dday One shares the new single “Moments Avec Toi” a relaxing and nostalgic tune ripe with somber strings, keys and a classic drum break to match. The single is taken from his new project titled Manu Propria.



888 Producer – “Dubai Flow”

888 Producer brings some exotic vibes on his new release titled “Dubai Flow” which uses hard-hitting drill drums with vocal chants and melodic textures. “Dubai Flow” is the fifth track on Drill, Vol. 1


Big O – “Road Trip”


Big O shares the new single “Road Trip” off his upcoming debut EP Midnight Journey on Chill Ghost Records. The track has mellow drum grooves and soulful guitar riffs to accompany the somber textures.

Maramice – “Brazileiras”

Maramice pumps up the summer spirit with “Brazileiras” a bouncy light-hearted track that exudes feel-good sensibilities.


Friedrich VanZandt – “Hopeless”


German producer Friedrich VanZandt make his entry on our site with “Hopeless” a mellow somber tune ripe with low tones, warm basslines, and soft percussions to complete the job.


Phatbrane – “Open”


Phatbrane shares this short instrumental titled “Open” with us. The track has sparse but punchy drums peppered by airy and dreamy textures.


Intylekt – “R27”

Intylekt makes a grand entry this week with “R27” a chilled dreamy texture boom-bap beat ripe with soft guitar plucks, soothing textures, and moody riffs.


Drop the Goods – “The Fever”


Drop the Goods drops new single “The Fever” a soulful piece ripe with alluring vocal samples, lush keys, and a smooth drum groove to boot. It’s the second single ‘The Fever’, from their upcoming debut Fever EP.

Kypp Grubb – “The Shadow Band”

Kypp Grubb‘s “The Shadow Band” is a blend of excellent scratching, punchy boom-bap drums, and brass lines. It’s quite lively and well crafted.




FILSER & FRIENDS gifts us with “Elsa” a laidback relaxing beta with soft low tones, sparkling keys, and punchy drums to boot.


GhanamanB – “De La Soul”


Producer GhanamanB pays homage to the legendary “De La Soul” on his new release. The production is quite sublime and nostalgic with its reflective strings, horns, and soft drum grooves. He also layered the beat with vocal snippets from the group members as they talk about their origins.

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