We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Avenda – “Circus”

Avenda‘s “Circus” help open up this weekend’s instrumental playlist on a bright note. The Portuguese producer dishes out something smooth and refreshing to help us start off the day on a high note.





Yabu Beats – “Take It Now”.


Yabu Beats is ready to “Take It Now” with this glorious horn-driven boombap instrumental. The textures are cinematic and edgy and the rich horns that blare throughout sure make it engaging from start to finish.


Walt Dolla – “Herbs”.



Walt Dolla‘s “Herbs” is a smooth feelgood jam ripe with dreamy textures and soulful pads underpinned by a bouncy groove to match.

Rastiv – “Spring Breeze



Rastiv gives us something uplifting and nostalgic with his newest release “Spring Breeze“. The sample is chopped nicely and the groove is well-crafted as well.






Vulture Bolt – “Touchdown”

Vulture Bolt‘s “Touchdown” is a smooth piano-laden funky tune that also employs uplifting pop aesthetics with hip-hop drums to boot. The overall bright and feel-good vibe sure is a brilliant change for our playlist.





Johnny Champagne – “Don’t Worry Bout It Sweetheart”


Johnny Champagne’s newest release “Don’t Worry Bout It Sweetheart” is a chilled and mellow soulful cut that blends elements of funk/soul with chill-hop. From the pitched-down vocals, rich synth basslines and excellent sample chops, listeners are taken deep into their comfort zone on this lounge-type track. He adds that This beat is 1 “Cigar” out of “Tha Cigar Box,” a collection of beats made from samples grown in various places and times in history.



Soulful Playground – “Hallucination Philosophy”.


Soulful Playground  returns to our playlist with “Hallucination Philosophy”, a dreamy soulful jam that is a blend of future funk/soul and a touch of lofi. The production is layered and has a soft bounce and warm notalgic texture that takes listeners on a soulful journey.




j raven – “Homesick”


“Homesick” is a sad lofi track from Finnish producer j raven whose atmospheric arrangement caught our attention. The keys are sublime, rich and reflective.


DertyLee – “Purrfect View”.


Greek producer DertyLee gives us the “Purrfect View” in this sultry and cinematic piece. The blend of lush piano riffs, warm textures and pads and soft drums is more than perfect and it has a heartwarming vibe all the way in.


The Funky Onion – “Streetwise Eddie”


“Streetwise Eddie” is a playful and fun-filled track from producer The Funky Onion who brings together retro-jazz vibes with modern lofi techniques. The guitar arrangement is rich and eclectic while the piano progression is expressive.


Distant.Face x Starburst Records – “Urban Solitude”.

Distant.Face and Starburst Records present “Urban Solitude”, a sublime and heartwarming piece ripe with moody and solemn vibes all around. It’s dreamy and atmospheric from start to finish and perfect for one’s meditative playlist.


Mr. Donsai – “My usual nights”


We got something new and refreshing from Mr. Donsai in the form of this track titled “My usual nights”. The track is as melancholic as they come and has a sublime and somewhat nostalgic element to it.


Chilliax – “Quiet Thoughts”


Chilliax takes us deep into his “Quiet Thoughts” in his new release. The Costa Rican producer delivers a sublime and melancholic piece that has lush keys, rich but sparsely arranged guitar plucks that blend together in an effortless manner.


Widen Island – “brighter days”


Swedish producer Widen Island shares with us “brighter days”, an uplifting tune that exudes pure summer vibes. The keys and guitar licks are warm and hopeful while the hushed drums are well crafted and add a little oomph to it.


Vhskid. x Lawrence Walther – “Sleepwalk”


Vhskid. and Lawrence Walther warms our souls with “Sleepwalk”, a mellow lofi piece made up of solemn piano arrangements, sparse guitar licks and an atmospheric pad to boot.


Ronins Musik – “Sleepers”


“Sleepers” is a soothing and heartwarming track from Ronins Musik who blends lush guitar licks with soulful pads in a seamless manner. This is perfect for one’s relaxing playlist.


L O F I L U V x Starburst Records – “Ephemeral”

L O F I L U V with Starburst Records return once again with “Ephemeral”, an aptly titled track made up of dreamy and nostalgic pads. The keys are rich and reflective while the hushed drums help add a little punch into it.



Dj Frankie Green x Jeff bordes – “Sneaky Pete”


Dj Frankie Green and Jeff Bordes bring the playlist to a close with “Sneaky Pete”. The laidback jazz-infused lofi tune is made up of nostalgic pads, sparkling piano keys, sounds of nature and blaring solemn horns laid over lively drums.

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