It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Luchito Carrera – Winter’s Coming

Luchito Carrera kicks off this weeks list on a solemn note with his icy instrumental aptly titled “Winter’s Coming”. He blends sad piano riffs and brass stabs against mellow drums to match. New to the production scene, his roots are seeded in many different genres. Stemming from Melodic electronica, to Hip Hop instrumentals, to Tropical House/EDM. Get it on Spotify and iTunes.




Bmbu – #breadcrumbs.

John Michael Alsace (aka Bmbu), is a Music Producer based out of Philadelphia, PA. His newest record “#breadcrumbs” is a smooth, laid-back jam that exudes nostalgia-inducing qualities. The subtle alluring textures he blends with thick grooves make for a solid listening.A 16-year vet, Drexel University Music Industry Program alum, and recent Vinyl Digital signee, Bmbu specializes in Hip-Hop, R&B and is skilled in both sampling and synthesis. He’s released 14 solo projects, four collaborative beat tapes w/ FortuneWEST, and produced albums for hip-hop artists from around the globe.





Manny Keep – Used Cars.

Manny Keep takes us into a more soulful region on this beat titled ” Used Cars”. He flips a mellow horn riff against laid-back drums and a nostalgia inducing organ. Hit the play button and get familiar.

The song was made back in october when the weather was changing from fall to winter
Spotify and iTunes



London Elixir – Rivalry// Graffiti.

London Elixir is a music producer from Columbus, Ohio currently residing in Atlanta. Genres include but are not limited to: pop, hip hop, r&b, funk, low fi, trap, etc. She hit us up with a pair of beats which we think hit the bullseye.


Built on dark synths and bells against vibrant trap drums. “Rivalry” has the standard trap energy and lush vibe.


London Elixir goes for a dark, brass sound on this record. The drums still bang though and overall sounds like something from a horror flick. To find out more visit HERE.





B.T.Reo 440 – Falling Dark.

B.T.Reo440 is a beatmaker who works mainly in Japan.  His new beat “Falling Dark” is taken from his instrumental album “The Fang Four“, which has an image of spring. The song “Falling Dark” included in this album is a song in which an anomalous rhythm with noise is added to the melody with a rose.

B.T. Reo started his career as a rapper and beatmaker for the West Tokyo Hip Hop collective “AA“. B. T. Reo also has dropped two full albums as part of a Fussa Tokyo based collective “OVDZ“.


 Solomon – Behold Lofi.


Producer Solomon makes a splash on the list with a mellow, dreamy beat titled “Behold Lofi”. Built over solemn synth textures and neck snapping drums, Solomon brings a nosatlgic feel to it as well. The beat is the title track of his EP of the same name. Get the full Ep here


Guy Rickard – City Lights.

Hackney, East London producer Guy Rickard taps into the worlds of jazz and hip hop to bring us this alluring beat titled “City Lights”. The beat is a chilled, laid back cut laced with smooth keys and a solid bassline to match. He says the track was inspired by wandering around a city at night.



Soularis- Sweetwater Deluge.

Hip Hop rapper and producer from NYC who goes by the moniker Soularis delivers a gripping piece of art in the form of this beat he calls “Sweetwater Deluge”. The beat is very dynamic and packs the feeling of a live show with its syncopated drums and offbeat instrumentation. Hit the play button and get familiar.




Klanger – Night Lick.

Klanger closes up the list with a sentimental record titled “Night Lick”. Built on a mellow, nostalgic guitar riff and a warm bassline to match. The Lo-Fi vibes on this tune are undeniable and will surely get you grooving in no time. You can get it on Spotify as well.


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