Canadian singer/songwriter Theo Tams makes his entry on our site with this bright and upbeat jam titled “Tongue Tied” which showcases his stylish melodic runs and expressive songwriting. Over a warm guitar-laden soundscape, he pours his heart out on wax as he muses on his partner who has him mesmerized. The record was actually written when he and his partner announced their engagement to their respective families and the song is a way to seal the deal in his own way regardless of their support or not. Theo Tams is currently working on his EP which blends pop, R&B with a touch of soul.

Theo tams grew up in a predominantly Christian home in Southern Alberta and started writing poetry and crafting creative pieces at around 14. His influences vary from Jewel, Alanis Morissette, and Sarah McLachlan, as well as Canadian storytellers, Sarah Harmer and Sarah Slean who all helped him find a way to fully express himself. he also went through a bit of personal drama when he came out to his family and tried to find his footing in a world where people found it easy to chastise than accept others for being true to themselves.

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