The Steoples is the Avant-soul duo made up of GB and Yeofi who blend jazz, experimental soul, Latin rhythms, and more. As they prepare to release their new LP Wide Through The Eyes Of No One, they share the title track to give us a peek of what to come. The track is a laidback rhythmic and soul-gripping piece ripe with ethereal textures and the layered melodic runs and heartwarming, insightful lyrics that dwell on the true nature of oneself before being conditioned by the environment and life-changing experiences.

Get “Wide Through The Eyes Of No One” on Stones Throw | Spotify | Apple Music | Bandcamp and Wide Through The Eyes Of No One, out on Stones Throw on 6 August.


Gifted & Blessed and Frankie Reyes are just some of the aliases GB has used to release his music. Over the last four years, he has been a Stones Throw regular, releasing two albums as Frankie Reyes on the label: Boleros Valses y Mas in 2016 and Originalitos in 2020. The Steoples’ debut album Six Rocks came out on Stones Throw in 2017 after Peanut Butter Wolf expressed interest in hearing more of GB’s work.

Wide Through The Eyes Of No One – Tracklist


  1. Everybody’s Song
  2. The Good News
  3. In The Dance
  4. Cotton
  5. Lonely Behavior
  6. Wide Through The Eyes Of No One
  7. Leaning On Me
  8. The Real Wealth
  9. Procession
  10.  Alas Alice (bonus track)

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