A solid one from the Other Guys comes in form of the clunky, soulful joint titled after the 9 to 5. The song is the title track off their latest album and we already know you are going to dig this so waste little time and get with the program.

audio link: HERE

The Other Guys‘ new album, After The 9 To 5, drops in less than 24 hours. To get you excited for the release, we’re unleashing the title track, featuring the lyrical talents of Von Pea.  If you’re familiar with last year’s album, To:You, then you already know what kind of music this trio is capable of. Check the video to see exactly what it is The Other Guys do After The 9 To 5.

After The 9 To 5 will be released digitally on 9/25. Grab your copy at midnight on iTunesBandcamp, or wherever else you buy your music. After much demand, compact discs and cassettes will be made available next month!

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