Two years ago, DJ Hullewud and DJ Chase March teamed up to create an original project to harken back to the essence of hip-hop. A time when you could hear your favourite deejays throwing down mixes on cassette.

The MIX(ed)TAPE 2 was released in October and, at the time of its release, featured new and unreleased jams that were exclusive to this mix. There are still songs on this project that can’t be heard anywhere else.

I thought it was time to share this mix on the radio and not just limit it to cassette, CD, and digital download. This special also features a few new tracks just for the radio.

Chase March (Side A)

Jon Corbin – Soul Bringer (prod Jon Corbin)
Dreamsters Union (TempoMental, Madhattr, Ngajuana) – No Saddle (prod TempoMental)
Roccwell, Dro Pesci, Bankai Fam and DJ Case – Powermove (prod Roccwell)
Jux Cain ft Chris Jackson – Golden Eye (prod Cashous Clay)
Chase March – Find a Way (prod Chase March)
Nilla – Down to Ride (prod Beat Stimulator)
Lionize Prime – Deep Crates (prod DJ Gripski)
Touch – The Chinese Room (prod DJ Matto)
Sankdafied ft DJ Chase March – Moments (prod Sankdafied)
Tee Jay, L’il Neekz, El Bandito and Xae-Lox – EYE-C-4 (prod Scarebeatz)
dc – Still In Love Pt 2 (prod El Dizzle)
Ragnar Vallon – Spitboxer (prod Chase March)
Horus Gump ft Flying Poets – Fast Forward (prod Korey Wade)
Speak EZ – Shine (prod DJ Nizzy Nick)
Solyd Roy – Roy’s Freestyle (prod AdD)
Phalo Pantoja & Moenaw Naedon – Upstairs (radio bonus track)

DJ Hullewud (Side B)

Radar – Personal Hell (prod Nate Jay)
Touch ft Ghettosocks – Honestly (prod Nato)
Fortunato – Bom Bom (prod The Arkeologists)
Exit Only – Toon Time (prod Mean Joe Tunes)
Sum-01 ft J Shiltz and Eternia – The Wild (prod Savilion)
Original Sicks – The Loot (prod Mean Joe Tunes)
The Ontario Players ft Touch, Fraction and Dissmaster Grand (prod The Ontario Players Production Team)
Swamp Thing and Ghettosocks – Pandemic (prod Timbuktu and Savilion)
The Outsiders – The Breaks (prod royceBIRTH)
ChangerMusic – Hip-Hop Love (prod ChangerMusic)
Timbuktu – Down Below (prod Muneshine and Timbuktu)
Madhattr – A What About (prod JDubb)
Labeled Minority – Darkness Consumes (prod Axel Rosa)
Wise Boyz Noize – Mafks (prod Darryl Zero)
Lxvndr & Moves – Mind Your Business (radio bonus track)
Execute ft MC Fubb – What You Got (radio bonus track)
Liberto & Buscrates – Beefin’ (radio bonus track)

Stream this show with the player below, or download it by right-clicking and saving the link in the listening options list. This link will be live for about four weeks.

Press play, enjoy the show, and help spread the word.

Word is Bond!

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