Independent rapper The Insomniak returns with some “Magic” and ” Purge 45″ that further displays his lyrical prowess and diverse skillset as an artist.

“Magic” is a bravado-laden track that is 4 minutes of pure off-kilter lyrics such as “Cross my heart, smash you, to another land, blast you/Straight into the air, cast you/ Like a fuckin’ rod snap you“. He doesn’t hold back and continues with his laidback smooth but commanding vocal tone over the punchy and somewhat moody backdrop.

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“Purge 45” is a no holds barred, unfiltered look at the current state of affairs from social to political views, The Insomniak proceeds to call out the various incompetences of the government and pundits who are adding fuel to the fire. Again, he doesn’t hold back and proceeds to hit the jugular with pure vitriol and venom.

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