Emerging rapper Benny Morell dreams big in his new record “Hometown”, a heartfelt reflective piece that sees him aiming for the big leagues but feels stuck in the same place. Bolstered by the silk and cinematic soundscape courtesy of  Grammy-nominated Häzel and former Jakubi songwriter Addzy, Benny pours his frustrations on wax as he knows he has put in work and deserves more. His lyrics are evocative and really explore his inner determination and never say die spirit in the face of adversity while dipping into a bit of nostalgia.


Growing up writing poetry in a family home playing Fleetwood Mac and QueenBenny Morrell’s artistry has been shaped by a diverse range of influences. From drama classes at school to discovering both East Coast and West Coast rap in his teens, it ignited natural gravitation for Morrell toward songwriting and performing as the next creative outlet. 

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