“Dawn” is the newest single from North West London-based rapper Syf of Talking Knots whose love for hiphop started at a young age. From listening to greats like Ice Cube, DMX to developing a love for poetry and rhyming, Syf slowly found his voice as a rapper whose lyrics are a reflection of his life experiences. Bolstered by SamXVI‘s atmospheric and sublime backdrop, Syf takes an introspective dive into his life with lyrics such as  “Pressure on my back that’s responsibilities/staying in one place but my thinking’s overseas” accurately depict his present state of mind and his journey as a young artist striving for success. He is also joined by vocalist Nellavi whose sultry vocals underpin the reflective backdrop.

He’s also part of the production crew Frances, The Mute.

Listen to “Dawn” on SoundCloud.

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