Emerging UK rapper Still Shadey draws us into his life on his lead single “Caterpillar Intro” taken from his album How To Kill A Caterpillar.

“Caterpillar Intro” is a laidback and reflective track that opens up with an introductory narration giving listeners the perspective of Shadey as an artist trying to find his way through the variables that come with life. Bolstered by the somber guitar riffs, moody basslines, and somewhat punchy drum grooves, Still Shadey delivers a heartfelt performance ripe with vivid imagery of his journey which everyone can relate to in their own different way. He talks about growth, self-identity, and discovery from his own viewpoint while acknowledging the downsides as well.

How to kill a Caterpillar is Still Shadey’s 6th LP and it’s a detailed expose into the rapper’s personal growth, re-exploring past traumas, and providing greater context on the musician’s life and art. Through children’s storybook-style narration, the LP unpacks the contrast between his Christian upbringing and the violence he witnessed growing up in the borough of Croydon in London, UK.

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