Milwaukee-based artist Soul Food released his latest project Dis Real Pressure, an 8-track body of work that explores the rappers’ real-life experiences in the street game.


“Intro” starts with different vocal snippets convincing Soul Food to put out his project and let the world hear his voice. The production is dark and gloomy and sees Soul Food flexing his verbal muscles and he also shows his knack for vivid storytelling. The hook “I remember long nights when we ain’t have shit/ Now we got bills, we got motion, we got grits/Young niga with a strap trying to make a flip” summarises his go-getter attitude and sets the tone for what to come on the project. This is followed by “Currency”, a track that dives into the life of a man who has to put in work to earn his living. He acknowledges his failings but knows if he doesn’t do the right thing he might lose it all. Once again, Soul Food employs his distinct energetic and nonchalant flow and makes it engaging with his graphic depiction of street life from his own experiences. On the soft piano-driven “Back Again” , Soul Food links with MTG Mook for a gritty track that captures the duo’s hustle game and the mechanics of the trap game. No stone is left unturned as they both proceed to detail their exploits with lines like “At that back door, repping Pos, knocking jay’s again/ I thought you was gonna change? nah I’m back being paid again/Yeah I’m right back, right back in the mix again.


“Trap Gospel” lives up to the title and it’s made up of a sombre piano riff with machine gun hihats and 808-laden trap drums. Here, Soul Food makes use of a laidback melodic flow which adds an emotional depth to his life story. Next track is “Street Ni16a”, a bouncy club banger that sees the rapper basking in his success as he flexes on his opposition while “Stand On Business” sees him back in serious mode as he reminds listeners that having integrity in this game will take one far. The production has an anthemic and cinematic feel and is peppered with Soul Food’s stylish flow and unfiltered bars that peer into the street life.


The project comes to a close with “Lowkey” featuring MTG Ghost and “Calvin Cambridge”. The former has a dark gloomy vibe and is all about staying under the radar and securing the bag without jeopardizing the entire squad. The latter has a sentimental synth and pulsating 808s bolstered by thick percussions and drums. Here, Soul Food reflects on his rough beginnings, and states his status as a boss putting in work and making moves with lines like“I’m really from the bottom, had to scrape it from the pavement/For this little payment, they will leave you on the pavement/Solid on the cases, I never made a statement.

Overall, Dis Real Pressure, is a candid account of Soul Food’s lifestyle and unique street-infused rap style. The trap production is consistent, punchy and maybe a bit mundane at times but gets the job done for the most part.





Stream Dis Real Pressure on all DSPs here.

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