Sonic Winter is a French-Scottish-Brazilian-Swedish artist collective comprised of guitarist Jean-Marc Millière and keyboardist Francis Girola who collaborate with artists from across the globe. Their latest release “Take My Hand” is a dramatic and rousing reflective tune that pairs the insightful lyrics from MC Elijah Black and dynamic experimental production. Over the progressive soundscape made up of somber piano riffs, crisp guitar arrangements, and thick basslines, Elijah delivers heartfelt lyrics that dwell on self-growth, pain, and perseverance through escapism.

The visual is gripping and makes use of motifs that are reflective and somber. The black and white aesthetic is solid too and keeps it grounded.

Originally formed in 2012, this French-Scottish-Brazilian-Swedish artist collective is at its core a duo comprised of guitarist Jean-Marc Millière and keyboardist Francis Girola. Yet, each and every of their project features a variety of talented musicians from all around the globe and stemming from highly diverse musical horizons. In addition to their international line-up, Sonic Winter has also fostered a close relationship with stunning visual artwork. Their various collaborations notably include artists such as Yves Krief from France, Katarzyna Piela from Poland, Vihartancos from Hungary, Martin Sventorp from Sweden, Amin Haghshenas from Iran, and Charlie Padgett from the US. Thus manifesting that their art genuinely knows no frontiers.

“Take My Hand” is taken from the duo’s new project Never Bet The Devil Your Head and is a tribute to blues legend Robert Johnson. It tells the story of an artist’s day of reckoning: after selling his soul in exchange for musical genius and now the time has come to pay the devil his due.

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