This is like the finest french audible cuisine you ever heard… “Somepling” last time hit us with a cloudload ep pushed out from “stillmuzik” records…Now what we have today is Somepling going in on his MPC2000XL with the follow up project “MellowBay Keys”… The title defines the mood and vibe, relax and take it one second at a time… ghea support and slap responsibly…More information after the jump…

This was a labour of Love…..
Call it “homemade”, “handmade”, “a craftwork”… That’s what it is!
I started working on that self-released 7” vinyl back in October 2012.
It was a pretty long road, fraught with difficulties.
I realised that every little bit counts, especially when you want to put out such a limited edition record.
But well, it finally sees the light of day!

Now, about the music…
Looking for a delicate balance, when opposites come together: heaviness and lightness.
When i switch on the MPC, i never know exactly where my beats and samples are going to land…
Grab those “Keys” and welcome to “Mellowbay” -Somepling -VIA Bandcamp

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