Thanks for everyone that participated in the Smile contest. March 1st TWIB and producer Odweeyne, got together and created the TWIB Smile contest, where we asked lyricists to download one of two instrumentals, go to town, and show us what they go. We have now reviewed all the entries and decided on two winners, which efforts were equally as good. Congrats to Jamil Honesty and Crew 54 for their efforts.

The winners as promised will be featured on the next Odweeyne release and will have an exclusive interview with TWIB.

Also major thanks for all that participated, we highly appreciate you guys taking the time.

The Bridge Promo:

If you’re looking for some proof that HipHop is not dead, you will easily find a lot of every day. And this contest we organized is another one. From the idea of it, to the way that Word Is Bond team accepted to collaborate with us, and of course to the tracks we received.

We first want to thank all participants : you guys delivered nothing but true passion, high sense of hiphop music, and you definitely blessed the work of the brother Odweeyne. Making a choice was hard, that’s why we took time to make it carefully ! Thank you for your time, your attention, your skills and overall, your hiphop state of mind.

The level of the competition was so high that we end with not one, but two winners : congratulations to Crew 54 and Jamil Honesty. From the rap skills to the message, both of you delivered what we call HipHop : nothing but sharpen lines over raw beats.

What we do is buiding bridges, what we do is spreading the Word, but without you, the hiphop activists, we can’t do anything.


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