Rotterdam, Netherlands-based siXren is a genre-bending music project by Agnes Momirski who blends off-kilter experimental sounds with hip-hop.  The new single “Butterfly FX” is a rousing piece that is ripe with detailed and vivid lyricism delivered in her characteristic style. “Butterfly FX” is the first single from the Chrome Code EP by siXren. It is inspired by the element of Air (one of the 5 divine elements – air, water, fire, earth, aether.) Each of the 5 songs on the EP corresponds with one of the elements.

The visual is a mix of performance shots, dark moody lighting, eye-catching visual light effects, and otherworldly and alien-like styling. The highly engaging visual was made in collaboration with Rotterdam-based Rik Versteeg and director Agnes.

Stream “Butterfly FX” on all DSPs here.


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