London based emcee/poet Shay D recently dropped a thought provoking single titled The Who,What, Why. A laid-back soulful gem that deals with several real time issues plaguing the present world we live in. Armed with an emotionally charged effortless flow and enough knowledge to put many so called rappers to shame, Shay D delivers something insightful and quite refreshing.

I must add, it’s quite rare in this day and age to see and hear a female emcee craft something of this sort. No thanks to the extreme sexualization of the female gender on our you tube and TV screens but Shay D is traversing a different path with her profound and  thought provoking music.

She is currently preparing to release her debut lp titled “A FIGURE OF SPEECH” which I must say is brilliant so wait for it to drop on the 12th of February and for those who can’t wait you can always pre order it HERE 

Hit the play button and get with the program.


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