NY rapper Rugby Wild shares the visual for his song “CBA” which showcases his unique lyrical style. He makes use of a moody and punchy backdrop provided by Rnd1, Rugby Wild delivers a mix of bravado and off-kilter lyricism that listeners can truly appreciate.

The video is directed/edited by Lawrence Casseus who captures the rapper and his crew in the element. Shot in the early morning on a rooftop in NY in the freezing cold, we see a mix of performance shots and seamless transitions.

 “CBA” is taken from the Thumbs up! Ep . Get “CBA” on SpotifyApple MusicDeezer.

R.U.G.B.Y.W.I.L.D. means “Regardless, U Gotta Be Yourself Whether I Live or Die,” an acronym that 24-year-old Rugby Wild came up with as a means to make his name represent him a little better. Hailing from the avenues of Newark and New York City, Rugby is rising fast on the West Coast hip-hop scene, and he’s the kind of artist who was born into his chosen profession by being focused, innovative, and driven. He began rapping in the fourth grade at the age of 10 when he learned he could rhyme “dice” with “ice”. His English teacher at the time was having her students write their own books so he began writing stories through rhyme. That, along with listening to his father’s collection of rap albums on cassette made Rugby want to pursue a career in hip-hop. Rugby pulls from his own streetwise stories to create high-energy songs with powerful rhymes. He launched himself into the national spotlight with infectious tracks that mix fast-moving wordplay with world-class audio and video production. Now living in Los Angeles, Rugby has been able to draw inspiration from both Newark and L.A. to find a balance in his music and bridge the gap between both coasts. His goal is for his music to affect people from everywhere. He wants his fans to know that it’s OK to be yourself and that fitting in isn’t as fun as it looks.

“I bring originality. So many artists are trying to make money off of what’s already proven to sell, but you can be original and still get noticed. In this day and age it’s ridiculous to think you have to do what everybody else does. I think my job right now is to be a collage, to show the industry that we don’t all have to do the same thing.”


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