Rome Cee hits us with his newest project titled ‘Earthside’. Which comprises of sides A and B and is 20 tracks deep. Rome Cee brings out the big guns from start to finish here. The topics vary and the backdrop hit hard at every turn with a balance of soulful cuts as well. A solid body of work if you asked me. Y’all should tune in and check it out for yourselves.

Download/Buy: HERE

Earthside is an album that seeks to connect with the real or grounded side of people worldwide. In this body of work, Rome reaches back to his deep roots and experiences in the street and in life and inserts them within the 20 tracks listed. This album features appearances from Baltimore rappers Rickie Jacobs, Ellis and many more. In addition, the album shines light on up and coming producers, R Play, August Flight Gordon and Panama Canal. All of which makes Earthside a classic for listeners for many years to come.

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