Monroe, Louisiana-based rapper Rishad Speaks drops two joints titled  “Progression” and “Reloaded” from his stash.

“Progression” is the first cut on deck and is a display of lyrical skill from the emerging rapper who brings a blend of bravado with some insight into the mix. Here, he reminds us that he is in charge of his destiny and shows his growth as time progresses.

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On “Reloaded,” he makes use of a vocal-driven sample track that affords him the chance to flex his verbal muscles in his own unique manner. The lyrics are vivid and ripe with wit and metaphors that lovers of rap would enjoy and appreciate.

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Hailing from Monroe, Louisiana Rishad Speaks is an artist of true substance. Since becoming a student of hip-hop at age 7, he has always foreseen music in his future regardless of what “reality” may have presented. Speaks has maintained an unbreakable mentality that circumstances and life are not dictated by external forces but by what you believe internally that decides the outcome. With that powering him for 30 years, Summer 2021 he picked up the pen and decided to share his message that if you truly believe you can attain any goal or dream no matter the circumstance. Drawing inspiration from his greatest influences such as Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Wayne, Andre 3K, and Nas; it becomes apparent why lyricism, authenticity, and connecting with the listener is so important to him.
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