“This one is like the first time you heard a jazz piece

Maybe it was hiphop but the music had me

Like Cupid threw it at me as the melody was passing

My ears, I could have sworn my fears took a back seat…”

Raiza Biza is a New Zealander MC (by way of Rwanda) and is a real thought provoking lyricist and active performer in the NZ hip-hop scene. If I recall correctly a friend of mine hooked me up with this cat’s album DREAM SOMETHING and, while it took me a minute to fully digest the work, I regret that I didn’t listen to it sooner.

Anyway, Raiza is back in the lab and is busy putting work on his forthcoming album. The first single is the dreamy, surreal vibes of ‘Waves‘ which features Zimbabwean singer and rapper Depth. Raiza paints graphic illustrations over this unorthodox soundscape (provided by Haan 808) with clear diction and effortless flow while Depth brings out the inner neo-soul he is known for (homie can spit bars as well) and together they create quite a gem here. A laid back groovy jaunt for the summer (can the cold weather please go away already!!).

Tune in and peep game.

This song is the first single from my ‘Summer’ album. I am very excited about putting out this project. It was written almost entirely while I was on the road performing my Dream Something LP.

It is inspired by the beautiful Summers we enjoy in New Zealand.


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