Manchester, UK singer/songwriter RAHH shares a new single “OKAY” which dives into the changing world we live in and reassures us all that maybe, everything will just be ok. Bolstered by a cinematic and atmospheric soundscape made up of lush moody strings, soft percussions, and dreamy sound designs, RAHH delivers a soul-gripping performance with her commanding vocal tone and evocative, soul-lifting songwriting. “OKAY” is a perfect tune that is made to assuage us of our worries at least for the time being.

“OKAY” is a single taken from RAHH’s new EP, I Told You We’d Be Famous’, a 6-track body of work that explores growth, self-realization, and the dynamics of living in an asocial media-crazed world.

Speaking about the new EP, she said, “I Told You We’d Be Famous came from a lot of unrest and realization as a twentysomething rocking up in an adult world that looked a lot different to the one I’d been sold. In a culture of ever growing social networks, mindless distractions, and love that doesn’t text back, finding ways to numb the feeling of anxiety and heartache sometimes is the thing that brings us together. The EP is the soundtrack to those reckless nights and the longing for connection.”

Coinciding with the release of ‘I Told You We’d Be Famous’, RAHH has also announced a new sustainable clothing line ‘Overkill Apparel, with a mission to find newer and more reliable sources without compromising on quality.


I Told You We’d Be Famous EP Tracklist:

1. Weave my Web

2. Run The Lights

3. Good Tonight


5. Home

6. Touch Me

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