I’m not gonna sit here and lie about me being a staunch follower of the man Quelle Chris. I have seen his name around, and heard some of his past works (haphazardly to be honest), but this right here is food for thought (pun intended). Rarely do you see MCs (nowadays anyway) craft an entire song on the ubiquitous subject on daily food consumption. Expertly done over a mellow smoked out, horn driven soundscape produced by the man himself. Who said Hip-Hop can’t teach you a thing or two?

I love the cinematic/documentary feel of the video as well. Going for noir visuals  and the inner city shots really fits the vibe of the song.

You couldn’t hate on this even if you drank a gallon of hater-ade

Quelle and company put together a video for the track “We Eat It”featuring Cavalier.  Through a smokey horn sample, Quelle and Cav talk that socially conscious rap about GMOs, Hydrogenated oils, and the poisonous wasteland our daily menu has become.  Quelle Chris not only raps, but produces the track, and edited the video as well.   Enjoy the latest visuals and prepare for “Niggas Is Men” to drop next week!

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