Emerging Atlanta based singer/songwriter Queenie Lasoul thrills us with her unique hip-hop infused neo-soul vibes on her new single “Chillin’ In Our Ways.”  The track is a 2 part song that sees her displaying both her singing and rapping prowess over smooth atmospheric textures.

The song is a mixed bag of emotions stemming from love and also explores the frailty of how sometimes we humans handle situations regarding the heart.  The first part of the song has a downtempo atmospheric vibe that serves as the perfect backdrop for Queenie Lasoul’s honeyed vocals. She puts her emotions on the line to a certain love interest but instead of taking the step forward, she takes her time to ponder on her feelings. The second part of the song has more of a hip-hop bounce layered with sparkling keys and warm basslines. This part, she delivers her lines with a melodic rap flow reminiscent of luminaries like Bahamadia, Queen Latifah amongst others. Both parts are seamlessly weaved into one another and present the listeners a dual view of Queenie Lasoul’s emotions and versatility behind the mic.

check out “Chillin’ In Our Ways”  and leave comments below.

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