The name Psymun isn’t new to us at the Bond, in fact, he has given us quite a few gems to vibe to and has earned him some respect at that. Heartsick is the name of the project he has dropped on our lap and this is the fifth EP from the Minneapolis representative. (I need to find the other four and see how he has transitioned). Psymun production style is somewhat experimental, but mostly revolves round the soulful-hip hop turf. This dude is 21 and already doing big things. If he keeps it up, one can only wonder where he would be when he is 35. I will forever encourage beat tapes and when they are of great quality I will endorse them big time. This EP is due sometime this month and the plan is to drop a full length with Psymun’s long time partner in music and vocalist, K.Raydio titled LucidDreamingSkylines. My favorite track is the Dead Albatross featuring the 16 year old Chester Watson

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