Legendary female MC pioneer Princess Superstar has always been one to stray away from the norm with her off-kilter and experimental style of rap. On her new song titled “ERRYBODY QUARANTINE!” she blends her natural fun energy with a very essential message for keeping safe in these crazy times.

The song was produced by herself alongside Tom-S (3013 Music Group) and it’s pretty vibrant and bright with its lush catchy synths and upbeat groove to match. Princess Superstar doesn’t mince her words and goes straight to the point. The track sees her going back to January 2020 to help warn a group of people about the impending pandemic and things turn a bit zany and hilarious from there. It seems everyone there is not so sure of what is going on so Princess Superstar has to use her wildly convincing powers to educate them as much as she can.

At the end of the day “ERRYBODY QUARANTINE!” is pure unadulterated edutainment that everyone can rock to. Get it on iTunes and Amazon


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