The last time we heard from Pounds was when he delivered a haymaker on his Tuna EP last year but now he is back on the grind. He just dropped a new project entitled “Rules and Parameters” from which the song  “Francis Ford”  is on. On the song he provides a stirring, personal look into his hometown in his fittingly cinematic new video for “Francis Ford” directed by Otto The Director.
 Known for his knack for delivering lyrically vivid mafioso rap, Pounds once again shows why he is one to watch with his harsh, gritty stories laid on wax.
The New York rapper is conflicted not just on the track, but in the video as well. Otto captures this with scenes of Pounds contemplating his life as a hustler and as a father, two hats he wears proudly but, again, with severe conflict. It’s for those reasons that when he spits bars like, “The city’s on fire so I gotta vent/ Make it past twenty’s an accomplishment,” you can feel that mental struggle.
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