This is something I’ve been sitting on for over a year now.  When I initially heard the mash-up I started exchanging emails (or rather riddles) with the homie from out in Tokyo.  When things got coherent we talked in detail about our favourite old-school Kung Fu flicks and other nerdery, and even about putting together a full length project.  The discussions are ongoing, but until something happens I had to share this gem that in all fairness many of you will likely have heard by now somewhere on the internet.  It’s dope regardless.  Continue reading for a download to the instrumental…

Download “Book Of War (Instrumental)” HERE

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Poison Flowerz – Book Of War (ft. MF DOOM & RZA)” dl=”0″]

Tell Poison Flowerz how awesome he is on his YouTube page.  For the eagle-eyed checking out the artwork – you are correct; the ice cream cone to button-nosed kid ratio doesn’t look like its favouring a tear-free ending…

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