It’s easy to mistake Tokyo‘s skyline for one of the world’s wonders, but instead our Japanese bretheren Pigeondust and bugseed cook up a true 7th Wonder – although which one should it replace? – in the form of this beat tape. The two have known each other for half a decade now, and although they’ve worked together before had never collaborated on a full on release. Fortunately, they fixed that in order to bless our ear drums, and you can cop this over at Bandcamp; link below.

Pigeondust & Bugseed present a split beattape with full of dusty beats and vibes. These collection of tracks from Tokyo eastside were made in 2014 after Bugseed’s laptop has crashed by using Pigeondust’s old computer. They are living in the neighboorhood and knows each other since over 5 yrs ago but this is first time to make beattape together. dont sleep on those fresh underground vibes. 

[wpsharely]Download 7th Wonder: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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