Utica, NY artists PB Mogul and JayceeDai team up for this high-energy track titled “Ante Up” that will rattle your speakers. The production is vibrant and bass-laden to the core and serves as the right soundscape for PB and Jayceedai to showcase their distinct rap styles. Jayceedai sets the tone with her high-pitched and flawless flow peppered with unfiltered lines like “Don’t sleep on me, I crack  near smile/Was gone for a minute but I’m here now/Driving with nothing but the baddest, bitches out here be classless“. This is followed by PB Mogul’s gruff flow and no holds barred lyrics like “She would yap you up in a caddy truck/she will hop out he whip and will ante up/bad bitch hand on her thigh/She needs dick, I’m on stand by“.

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