By Jessica Brant

Joan Torres’ All is Fused is a progressive jazz fusion band from the San Francisco area that have received several awards for their out of the box thinking in jazz production.Of the Musical is a synesthesia of sound and color. It creates beautiful lines, but then breaks them in the most surprising of places. The project, mixed and mastered by Grammy winner Dave Darlington, is the group’s third studio album. The first track, “Invaded,” is discombobulated but luxurious. The introduction falls out like scattered stanzas in a poem. The musicians arrive at this heavy alt-rock swing reminiscent of a Kings of Leon guitar riff momentarily. The variety is unexpected and keeps with pace. “Ultramarine” is more somber than the other tracks and evokes strong imagery. I think of a young man who has just left his girlfriend behind at a show at some hole in the wall bar. He’s walking down the rainy streets of London with downcast eyes and a cig in his mouth. Blue is the color of his energy. “Look Around” is placed at the end of the album. The beginning music sounds like something out of a Stephen King or serious Sci-Fi film. The music keeps a gait that a professional dancer would keep while exploring all corners of the stage, pausing to brief only when the audience will not notice. Slight of the hand, slight in routine is how this track elegantly creeps up and down the scale of intonation. All is Fused is worldly without being snobby and tasteful without coming across stuffy, a stereotype some hold about classic jazz music and the rules that govern or don’t govern the genre. All is Fused is a group I would jump at the chance of seeing live.

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