For every person whose breathing, we born to die/I take in account of receipts the pros and cons/ weighing the amount of all the things in this life time/ No 2 man is the same, your life ain’t like mine...”- O.C. on one of his new album’s standout cuts, “Sunday Morning”

It’s definitely a good day for hip-hop as legendary emcee/DITC member O.C. continues his epic Same Moon Same Sun saga with a thrilling second instalment, A New Dawn, that finds the veteran kingpin exploring politics, Hip-Hop, relationships, and other topics with his trademark next-level pen game.The 16 track project is chock full of heavy lyricism, insightful topics from his unique view point and of course hard body beats courtesy of producers Motif Alumni, who produced a majority of the album alongside Gwop Sullivan, Dark Keys, and O’s long standing D.I.T.C. cohort, Showbiz.

“Same Moon Same Sun: A New Dawn” in a nutshell blends the modern and old-school vibes that fans of O.C. will no doubt love, but he’s quick to make it clear that he’s not stuck in some past mindset. “I consider myself as an artist, period. I’m not a ‘90s artist if i’m still making music 20 years later,” he says. “Some people get stuck in time, I haven’t—that’s the difference between me and some others.”


Same Moon Same Sun: A New Dawn is now available through all digital retailers and streaming platforms via Slice Of Spice/D.I.T.C.



01. A New Dawn (prod. by Gwop Sullivan)

02. Feelin Free (prod. by Motif Alumni)

03. John Wick (prod. by Gwop Sullivan)

04. 4 Eva (prod. by Dark Keys)

05. Slow Burn (prod. by Dark Keys)

06. Sunday Morning (prod. by Motif Alumni)

07. Quick to Jump (prod. by Motif Alumni)

08. Powerful (prod. by Motif Alumni)

09. Interlude (prod. by Motif Alumni)

10. Live Fast Die Hard (prod. by Dark Keys)

11. Exhale (prod. by Motif Alumni)

12. Fair Game (prod. by Gwop Sullivan)

13. Ignorance Is Bliss (prod. by Gwop Sullivan)

14. Vibe (prod by Showbiz & Motif Alumni)

*Recorded & Mixed at by Parks Music at DITC Studios, Bronx, NY

*Executive produced by Showbiz & Mark Lo


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