Mic Handz returns to the forefront after what fans call a never-ending hiatus. They have been on the edge of their seats and pacing waiting to get a new fix from the NY Stapleton. The wait is over, Sismographe presents Mic Handz and L’undercover ‘Golden Era:Timeless.’ The 20-track album is out now on all streaming platforms, as well as CDs with vinyl coming this summer.

It’s fair to say Handz reigns as an indie G.O.A.T with an extensive catalog of music under his belt and this album tops them all. “This is a very personal album to me and it’s been a long time in the making.” This makes sense because when we think of timeless music we transcend into the golden era. An era that was gimmick-free, true to the culture, with all elements represented, and MC’s were just that; masters of ceremonies. Undeniably, Handz embodies the golden era to offer listeners a refreshing dose of nostalgia, but without sounding dated.

The 20-track album features guest appearances from Hip Hop pioneers and elite indie heavyweights including Craig G, GrandDaddy I.U., Lil Fame, Teflon, Sadat X, Skyzoo, Sunez, Napoleon Da Legend, Dready Kruger, The Bad Seed, Vvs Verbal, Ivan The Terrible, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Fat Mouth Slum, Dro Pesci, Sha Stimuli, Punchline, Cayoz Da Emcee, Dreez, Trend Setta, Cid Nino, and Jamera, with each track underscored by L’undercover’s skillfully crafted production.

‘Golden Era:Timeless’ is meant for the ears of Hip Hop purists who grip lyrical substance, influential wordplay and storytelling, and classic DJ cuts/scratches. Handz brings forth his A-game not only for the concrete jungle but for the world to embrace and embark on a journey brimming with raw NY Hip Hop. All 20 tracks display an unyielding marriage between lyricism and production. The catchy hooks are delivered in a manner to ensure they resonate and echo long after the album is over.

In the track Keep Going (watch below) Handz invites the world into his uphill and downhill journey with Chronic Kidney Disease, filled with a kaleidoscope of different emotions. When it comes to self-motivation, drive, and empowerment Mic Handz is the poster MAN. “It was the back end of a life and death battle and journey through Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) with a lot of time spent in dialysis machines thinking about my position and condition in life and everything left on the table, and everything still left to do and why. Everything that I wrote and thought about while going to treatments and doctor appointments, trips back and forth to work as well as nights and days in the studio trying to hold on to as much normalcy as possible, all I could constantly remember was saying to myself no matter what was happening, I had to “KEEP GOING”. Self-motivation and motivating others became a mission. No matter what occurs both known and unknown, I must #KeepGoing.” – Mic Handz

Blackout (watch below) shows Handz Timbs to the streets addressing those who perpetrate a boss-like lifestyle when in real-time it’s a facade and mask, that Handz along with his Boot Camp Clik family can easily remove. He’s applying pressure and crushing spines and necks while putting in his best work. You can’t claim to be a boss when your moves display a happy meal mentality.

To stream/download/purchase ‘Golden Era: Timeless’ by Mic Handz produced by L’undercover, click on the preferred streaming source below (vinyl coming this summer). http://www.modulor.lnk.to/goldeneratimeless 

For all merchandise and bundle deals head over to faction43.com/collections/all

Check out the third video release “Aventador” taken from the album.  “Riding round Paris, chasing Lambos/ the fams so, Cultured and tied in/ what’s penned is what we stand for.” This video pieces together the NY/Paris collab to the whole album that was birthed and brewed in L’undercover studios.

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