Nune (pronounced Noon) also known as Mr. Propane shares the visual for his reflective track “Black Man” 

The track has a solemn texture which serves as the perfect backdrop for Nune’s unapologetic approach. He talks about a wide variety of issues facing black men from the longlasting effects of Jim Crow, systemic racism, and much more. Alongside Nune is legendary lyricist K-Rino who also takes time to share his candid thoughts on the issue with a touch of personal insights and anecdotes. The video makes use of a plethora of images from MLK, the ongoing protests, and much more to drive home the message.

The single “Black Man” was nominated for best indie rap song for W.A.M Awards 2020 along with best Indie Rap Album “Intervention”. With two nominations, it is incredible to finally have my music impact others in such a phenomenal way.

Order the Debut Album Intervention HERE.

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