The Missisauga Quintet deliver their first EP of 2016 titled Ear Crack:The EP. The project is a 5 track project that shows the growth of the posse. Straying away from the norm soundscape, they opt for a very ethereal, left field backdrop. Sometimes undefined, rough and edgy, the project still manages to shine through with their passionate, often lax approach to making music.

Interesting to say the least. Hit the play button and get familiar with North Creed‘s Ear Crack:The EP


North Creed continues the tale of five unlucky city kids with the release of chapter two: Ear Crack. The EP serves to frame the experiences of the collectives past vices. Now conquered, they are able to create something positive out of their predicaments: music, the only drug worth being addicted too.

The EP carries an experimental soundscape throughout that compliments the lyrics in a way that can only be curated through the synergy of creative minds. North Creed is introducing a sound contrasting that, what is Toronto. Residing just west, these artists are developing a movement in a city that lacks identity.

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