After dropping Dig Deeper last December, Noah Vinson is back on his grizzly with the announcement of a mini tour and a  whole new project titled Illusion Of Inclusion.

Check below for more details.

“This EP to me was a stepping stone in the sense that a majority of these records stray away from the norm of what I do, I’m a soul dude (laughs) but at the same time with the different types of production included in the EP I’m able to capitalize off having a more “Modern” sound & adding a bass-driven element to what I do , still displaying excellent lyricism. With the abandonment and non-release of “And The Phone Was On Silent” a collaboration project with artist Frank Ramz due to a disagreement in vision, I decided to use the foundation of what that was supposed to be at it’s core and create something new from me for people to enjoy.” says Vinson. I spent a majority of 2014 performing at different venues and exploring certain aspects of the underground hip-hop scene and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned is that people love to have a good time, and with this I hope to accomplish just that, The energy and the sheer Force from a record like Citadel or (Not yet released) “MT. PYRE” is something that when I perform I want that same energy projected back to me from the audience.



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